Sunday, April 24, 2011


Valtiberina is definitely one of the most significant valleys for the history of Saint Francis of Assisi, because this is the land that linked Assisi to La Verna, where he received the stigmata. The Tiber Valley houses and offers to visitors the places that were mostly dear to the saint, places where he spent nights during his wanderings, places where he helped people or founded hermitages. These places are easily reached by car, but once you're there, you're plunged into a deep mystical atmosphere, where silence is a natural condition and the desire for meditation is palpable. READ MORE

The place was donated to Saint Francis in 1212. Today you can still see that bed hat he made by placing a few leafy boughs over a rock. Montecasale is known for an episode of the saint's life that took place when he met two thieves, whose skulls are still visible in the hermitage. The last time Saint Francis was here was in 1224. The hermitage of Montecasale also welcomed Saint Anthony and Saint Bonaventura di Bagnoregio.