Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nature and Geology

Lake TuranoNature and Geology along the Walk

The paths on the Saint Francis Walk boast an extraordinary assortment of animal and vegetable species during the different seasons of the year that you will rarely find anywhere else.
The Walk also offers a wide variety of geographical aspects. Experts and nature lovers alike will embrace this as an opportunity to get to know the paths from another point of view. To further your knowledge of the nature and the geology that characterizes the Saint Francis Walk,
download the following files:
- Bianca Maria Landi, Natural Elements from The Pilgrim’s Guide or
Saint Francis Walk: Natural Elements (.pdf, 85 Kb)

- Leonida Carrozzoni and Matteo Carrozzoni, Geological Aspects or The Saint Francis Walk
The Nature and Faith (.pdf, 108Kb)
Download the map regarding the geological aspects along the Saint Francis Walk. (.pdf, 17 MB)